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Stick Daring is an adventurer who is famous for sailing anti-clockwise around the UK in a £50 Laser dinghy.

His real name is Neil Peters, born and educated in England, attending Glyn Secondary School in Ewell, Surrey. Upon leaving school at 18, he started working in the marketing department of a local building products company, who manufactured drainage products.  So you could say he started his career in the gutter. He rapidly moved on into the world of advertising where he spent ten years in various ad agencies before embarking on his own start up business. Neil’s business acumen set him on a course where he initiated 13 startup businesses over 30 yeras. During this time he has experiened both the euphoric highs and desperate lows associated with ground up companies.

From a very young age Neil was exposed to the sea,  holidaying in the Witterings, Sussex coast with his parents as a child before catching the sailing bug from his cousins during extended summer holidays on Oulton Broads in East Anglia, when he was eight years old. This passion blossomed when he was given his first Laser aged 17, sailing it at Barn Island Reservoir in Walton-On-Thames. Since then his Laser has taken him all over the world competing in numerous international competitions throughout his adult life. 

After raising three boys with his wife Emma, Neil’s attentions and energy turned to his life long passion of Laser sailing once they had all left the nest to pursue work and further education. In 2019 the ambition to circumnavigate Britian in a Laser could finally become a reality, after three years of talking about it.

Starting out from Eastbourne on the 17th July 2019, Neil knew little of what lay ahead. 76 days, 6 hours and 15 minutes later he returned safely back to Eastbourne on 30th September 2019 as Stick Daring, intrepid adventurer - fully enlightened!

Stick has an incredible story to tell and he invites you to experience his voyage with him through this site and his book.

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